“New Heights” All Ireland Kitchen Guide Spring/ Summer 2019 Article

Celtic Interiors feature in this fabulous article in the All Ireland Kitchen Guide – Volume 36 – Spring/ Summer 2019 which is on sale now!

New Heights

Clodagh was in no doubt that Celtic Interiors was the natural choice to transform this small but high-ceilinged space into a bright, functional and striking kitchen.

‘When we first moved into this house we left the kitchen as the last thing to tackle. The original design had only one level of units which gave the space an empty feeling – it had an almost cavernous echo,’ recalls Clodagh.
‘The room was also quite dark as the main window at the time was smaller and off ground level and the doors into the living room area were solid double doors.’

‘Luckily Clodagh was more than willing to do any customisation work necessary to benefit the overall design,’ says designer Aiden, ‘So we took the opportunity to alter a few things in the kitchen before it was installed. The doors were replaced with the glass bi-folds and the window at the front was enlarged floor-to-ceiling to let in more natural light and take advantage of Clodagh’s stunning views of the river and the park in front.’

‘We had previously worked with Celtic Interiors and were always very pleased with the result,’ says Clodagh. ‘They made radiator covers and various storage solutions for us and everything was always produced to the highest quality – they also have a really impressive showroom. We did shop around a bit but most other companies were slow to come back and it soon became clear that everyone could do a little but Celtic Interiors could do it all!’

‘My heart was not set on a particular style,’ she adds. ‘Actually I didn’t want to be presented with a lot of choice – one or two ideas is good to build on. The rest of the house is quite modern but visiting the Celtic Interiors showroom convinced me that a classic style was the way to go. We chose pale colours to brighten up the space and to blend it as seamlessly as possible with the adjoining room. The walls are in Skimming Stone and the units in Purbeck Stone from Farrow & Ball.’

‘One of my favourite elements in the kitchen is the alcove around the cooker. This was a must-have feature for me and it went on to set the tome for the rest of the kitchen. It has a shelf on either side where I keep all my oils and seasoning which makes cooking very easy. Other stand-out features are the large double pantry and the mirror backsplash that reflects the river outside and of course, I love the seating layout arranged to take advantage of the view.’

‘Although I had several clear ideas of what I wanted, Celtic Interiors came up with new and clever solutions, especially from a practical point of view. For example, the quartz continuing from the worktops up the walls gives the area a clean, simple, contemporary look and is really easy to keep clean.’

‘The room is not big, but high,’ says Clodagh. ‘Aiden designed extra tall units to maximise the space and he added LED lighting into the upper cupboards that takes advantage of the high ceilings and provides ambient lighting in the evenings. Aiden was also great at helping me choose the right appliances for my style of cooking. An eye level double oven and steam oven which initially I wasn’t convinced I would use – it’s the best thing! We also got a warming drawer – another great investment – fantastic for keeping my dinner warm while I feed the baby. On my husband’s wish list was a 50 bottle wine cooler, which he got, however we settled on a smaller one.’
‘Working again with Celtic Interiors just reminded me how professional and approachable they are. The standard of their workmanship is of the highest level and the practical and functional approach of Aiden and Noel and their attention to detail was faultless,’ concludes Clodagh. ‘It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.’

Credit: All Ireland Kitchen Guide – Volume 36 – Spring/ Summer 2019