“Rustic Twist” All Ireland Kitchen Guide Winter 2019 Article

Celtic Interiors feature in this amazing article in the All Ireland Kitchen Guide – Volume 38 – Winter 2019 which is on sale now!

Rustic Twist

Celtic Interiors combines modern and rustic in this Cork home.

‘The kitchen really is the heart of the home, so we wanted to get it absolutely right,’ says Rosie, the owner of this 1920s semi-detached property in the Ballintemple area of Cork.

After living in Australia for six years, Rosie and Finbarr returned to Ireland and searched for a property that would suit them and their growing family. Finding a house that required extensive renovation, the embraced the project, and after visiting a number of kitchen designers, chose Celtic Interiors for their professionalism and experience.

Renovating the house before moving in, the couple designed the ground floor as an open L shape with the kitchen, with the kitchen leading to dining and living areas, and knew from the outset the tone they wanted to achieve. ‘I wanted to create a sociable, happy and welcoming home and the kitchen was going to be central to that,’ says Rosie. ‘I wanted something a little bit rustic, but modern at the same time – quite simply, homely.’

During their time in Australia, Rosie explains, they moved from rental to rental and quickly realised what worked and what didn’t work for them in terms of kitchen design, in particular storage space, which they were always short of. This experience gave her very clear ideas about what she wanted in the design.

‘I had my heart set on a green kitchen and I wanted symmetry,’ says Rosie. ‘I don’t like curves and didn’t want a fussy design – just something simple with plenty of storage.’

Painted in Celtic Interiors’ deep Hunter green shade, which is Rosie’s favourite part of the whole design, the units and island provide more than sufficient storage and some clever quirks that the designer Declan Keane incorporated, for example a hidden cupboard under the counter for the children’s school bags.

‘Rosie and Finbarr live in an old house, so the on-site measure was extremely detailed,’ explains Declan. ‘The challenge in the design was that the couple wanted ample storage and the counter space to be clear of items such as toasters etc. Fitting in their requirements was top of our list so we had to ensure we rose to the challenge, but we got everything they wanted and more.’

A long cupboard at the end of the kitchen, which the family call ‘the breakfast cupboard’, has everything they need in one place when they are rushing to get out on a busy morning, from the kettle and toaster to bread and cereal. It also features a bi-fold door, which helps maximise space and is reflected in the unit at the other end of the counter creating the symmetry Rosie likes.

The Smeg stove (from Dwyers) and the island are among the many features Rosie loves in the design. ‘The stove works brilliantly with the tone of the kitchen,’ she says, ‘and on either side of the mantel are two condiments cupboards which are quite hidden as they face into the stove. They’re so handy when we are cooking as everything is beside you.’

‘We have a huge island,’ Rosie continues. ‘Celtic Interiors designed it to be as big as it could be while still leaving enough workable space around us. I was keen not to lose any space on the island so we have a double Belfast sink which means I can wash up in one and leave the dishes to dry in the other, so I’m not using space for drying on the top. It’s clever.’

Creating the rustic feel that Rosie sought, an exposed brick wall from Deco Stones brings warmth to the room, further enhanced by solid wood floors from Select Floors and Tiles. The stools, which are 35 years old from Rosie’s family home, were initially an interim measure but blend perfectly into the scheme.

Truly delighted with the finished kitchen and the service they received, Rosie and Finbarr would highly recommend Celtic Interiors.

‘The team made the whole process so simple and worked with all the trades on site so efficiently and fluently. They took our brief and really personalised the design to suit the type of family we are.’ Rosie enthuses. ‘We couldn’t fault them and their aftercare was fantastic. They really are experts at what they do.’

Credit: All Ireland Kitchen Guide – Volume 38 – Winter 2019