In light of the current situation we are facing in Ireland, and in the spirit of social distancing, we are going to take a look at large kitchens this month.

Having a lot of space can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to designing your kitchen.  On one side, you can fit everything you want into the room – while on the other side, you run the risk of overdoing it and having the finished product look far too fussy.  This is where you will really benefit from having a professional designer help you with the layout.

The best way to fill out the kitchen, while still making it work for you, is to have a kitchen island.  This gives you a lot more workspace, a possible new location for your sink or hob, and makes your room perfect for hosting large groups and socialising. (Though not at the moment!)

Large kitchens have the bonus of being able to add all the storage you could want. Though you will need to think how you want this to look – adding pantries (Especially a bi-fold as you get even more workspace) is a great way to enjoy all the storage solutions while being able to hide it away and keep the clean lines of your design on show.

Another benefit of a large room is the colour options.  Your space is big enough that you can add dramatic colour without making the kitchen appear small – the possibilities are endless!  Just be careful when choosing both your colours and your worktop; with a big design you will be looking at a lot of it! So make sure it’s truly a look you love!

If you would like to speak to a member of our amazing design team about getting the kitchen of your dreams (big or small!) contact us and we can arrange an appointment – we can even have them give you the initial appointment by phone if you would feel more comfortable at the moment.  Stay safe.