The Dark Side

In the spirit of Halloween, which almost upon us, this month we want to focus on all things dark!

While we are not telling you to get a black kitchen (though for some clients it is the height of modern sophistication!) there is a whole world of dark colours out there to help you explore your dark side – from deep navy blues to chic charcoal greys to rich forest greens – you may surprise yourself with what you fall in love with!

There are many reasons dark colours appeal to clients. A black high gloss kitchen can be the minimalists dream, while to others a deep dark colour can add drama and character to a room. Whatever the reason, darker colours help to create a sleek and stylish space.

For those of you who are not sure you want to take the plunge, there are many ways to break up the darkness. The two methods our clients favour are 1. Add a bright worktop – a lighter quartz can make all the difference as it adds a clean reflective surface that brightens up the entire room. Or 2. For those who just want a touch of the impact dark colours have, you can just use the darker colour on the island – this is a safe option, but also results in a kitchen that packs a visual punch by adding a striking centrepiece to the room!

So, whether you want to embrace your dark side, or stay in the light, you can call in to our Douglas showrooms to find inspiration! Or if you are ready to begin the process of starting the design of your dreams, why not book in with one of our designers and get one step closer?